Taiwan Rainbow Co., Ltd. (TRC) is a manufacturer which has specialized in supplying high-quality and special-purpose wires/bars covering gold, silver, copper and alloys based on the elements mentioned to satisfy customer needs. The company was established in New Taipei City in October, 2009 which mainly produces OFHC wire(Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper Wire), PCVCC Copper Wire (Unidirectional Solidification Oxygen Free Copper Wire), Copper Silver alloy wires (CuAg), Copper Tin alloy wires (CuSn),PSVCC wire (Unidirectional Solidification Oxygen Free Silver Wire), silver alloy wires and custom alloy wires. These products have the extensive range of applications such as silver electrical contact, evaporation materials, bonding wire, welding materials, resistance, coil, audio cable, earphones, in-ear monitors, instrument cable, enamelled wire, electric cable and so on. For positioning the business strategy, it is set to be a metal material manufacturer contributing to research and development in special alloy wires. Moreover, it can be guaranteed that characteristics of wires are high stability on voltage and electric current, homogenization, good heat removal and high conductivity, stable tensile strength, high toughness, etc.

For satisfying customer requirements on alloy wires, the factory was founded in Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City in November, 2009.
In January 2010, the vacuum continuous casting machine and techniques were officially launched and started mass production.
In order to meet more custom needs and improve service quality, drawing machine and annealing machines were introduced as follow.
In the meanwhile, TRC also worked with domestic universities and laboratories to offer comprehensive service to clients covering materials, drawing ,inspection and R&D service.

Pursuing high quality is what we have insisted in and put emphasis on.With technique-based and service-orientated, we look forward to building up business partnership network for a win-win business situation.